Our Story

Jon, Ben, Binh, Wook and Jin (the 5 brothers), a group of Korean and Vietnamese serial entrepreneurs / software engineers met in the autumn of 2018 as cross-border business partners. A whole new history was about to begin. Working with each other as external partners was just not enough. The combination of startup business & geek DNA enabled the 5 brothers to pursue this visionary Vietnamese & Korean Joint Venture startup.

The technology behind MyPOINT was originally a personal R&D project carried out by the CTO of Point Technologies during his PhD in Computer and Information Systems at HoChiMinh University of Technology. The team envisioned that if this core technology can be further developed and commercialized, it could become a real game changer superseding any data management platform, lead generation software, etc in the market. Point Technologies Inc was born.

Within a month of incorporation, The Invention Lab, a top notch early stage investor led by former Managing Director at SoftBank Consulting, shared the vision and became the first investor to back Point Technologies Inc, encouraging the team to become the Next Big Thing in the adtech / AI space. Ever since, the team has tirelessly worked to showcase this innovation to the world. Digital marketing and sales practice will never be the same again. MyPOINT will become an indispensable tool for companies that are serious about growth through performance marketing and lead generation.