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Hot Lead 360

Are you a sales-oriented company?

The root cause of your sales team’s low performance may be having insufficient data.

What if you had 360 degree insight on your leads, thoroughly profile your sales targets, understand their interests and behavior?

What if you can discern the characteristics of your ‘hot leads’ so that you can formulate a custom sales approach to win your sales?

You will be amazed how Hot Lead 360 transforms your sales team.

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Hyper Target Marketing

With MyPOINT, performance marketing can evolve to a whole new level. Previously, you had no idea to whom your online ad campaigns were reaching.
Our AI engine enables ‘HyperTargeting’, where every single target user is offered to ensure that your ads are reached to the right audience through multi-channel including DM, SMS, Facebook and Zalo.

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Know Your Customer

Already a mature company?
Yet you may have still have issues with retention or CRM.
Point KYC (Know Your Customer) enables you to gain deep insight on your existing customers, such as what your individual customer’s recent interests are, how they are behaving towards certain area and what they are influenced by.
Serve your customers better by first boosting customer-intelligence IQ.

Enterprise Solutions

While MyPOINT provides an easy & ready-to-use dashboard available to all clients hungry for new customer acquisition, we also realize that some companies have very unique demands.
And our developers are pretty smart, we are pretty sure we can fulfill your unmet needs.
MyPOINT solutions can be customized.
We can expand data insight coverage or alter the angle or method of analysis to cater to your special needs. So, let’s talk!