A: We are currently offering Hot Lead 360, which is a sales-oriented solution. We are preparing other solutions (HyperTarget Marketing, Point KYC, etc) which should be available soon. It depends on how your company is operating to acquire users / customers. Depending on how your company operates, you can choose to use one, two or all of the solutions offered by MyPOINT .

- For instance, if you are a game development company, internet platform or a shopping mall with a specific target group for marketing and do not engage in sales consultation,

HyperTarget Marketing (HTM) can serve to be powerful solution for you. MyPOINT AI will identify the potential candidates, and they can be reached through

multiple channels such as Facebook, Zalo, E-mail and SMS.

- If you are a real estate agency, car dealership, investment brokerage firm, event organizer, financial services or in any other field with high-level client engagement and actively seek for sales leads,

Hot Lead 360 will be the perfect solution for you. If your company is sales-oriented but also does marketing, HyperTarget Marketing and Hot Lead 360 may be used together for higher effect.

- If your company already has a lot of users / customers, consider using MyPOINT KYC data analytics solution.

You can profile and track your customers, boost your customer-intelligence from Level 1 to Level 30, enabling you to better re-engage with your customers.

A: How well informed were you about your sales leads previously? And how much have you been spending to obtain those leads?

Hot Lead 360 is an amazing solution in terms of data volume, depth and price. Compared to sales leads you obtained previously through traditional lead form ads, Hot Lead 360 database contains

so much more data about your potential leads. Your sales leads should not be regarded as a random person. By knowing who your leads are as if they are your friend their characterstics, interests and behaviors such as what they are influenced by, your hit rate can increase dramatically.

By knowing who your leads are as if they are your friend, understanding their characterstics, interests and behaviors such as what they are influenced by, your hit rate can increase dramatically.

Plus, the cost per lead with Hot Lead 360 is a fraction compared to existing solutions. To summarize the benfits of Hot Lead 360, much more data about your target sales leads, much higher expected hit rate, and much cheaper price.

A: HyperTarget Marketing is a powerful tool to strengthen your performance marketing, rather than a substitute of your entire marketing practice.

If your company is, for example an very early stage startup not experienced with digital marketing yet and have not enough budget to hire a marketing agency, you can use MyPOINT HTM as a cost-efficient way of reaching to high potential candidates without using other solutions.

If your company is already experienced with online marketing like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc, MyPOINT HTM can also be used to optimize your marketing expenditure.

You can continue with your digital marketing practice if it has been working well for your company, but our solution can help to ensure that your money is spent appropriately on the most relevant candidates.

(You may have noticed that although you set the 'target demographics' in FB, Google, etc, you oftentimes don't necessary get quality traffic. MyPoint HTM can help to resolve this issue)

A: HyperTarget Marketing and Hot Lead 360 are solutions for new customer acquistion, whereas MyPOINT KYC is the user data analytics solution for your existing customers.

Your company may have many users, but you may not be very knowledgable about them. With MyPOINT KYC, you are able to profile your users and learn about what their recent interests are and what they are influenced by,

you can devise various strategies to re-connect and re-engage with them. You can better segment your users and offer personalized promotion deals, enabling improved retention and extend your customer lifetime value.

A: Absolutely. The dashboard that we provide are open to all, but if you want a customized solution and data just for your company, please feel free to talk to us.

Let's see what our brilliant engineers can do for your company.

A: Point is extremely accurate in profiling the users and the database is regularly updated. By integrating the data from multiple sources, the fragmented data from here and there are put together, which in turn transforms into truly meaningful 'user insight'.

Furthermore, we incorporate AI (Artifical Intelligence) technology, This means that the system learns about your business more and more over time, giving you better candidates with higher chance of becoming your real customers.

A: MyPOINT currently works with Vietnamese user data, as we have first developed the system by training it in Vietnamese language. So at first, our focus is in servicing companies that seek to land/expand in Vietnam market.

We will be gradually extending to other markets. Other languages will also be trained later, therefore user data in other markets will also be available shortly.

A: Our current solutions are more focused in B2C user data at the moment. We also plan to extend to our coverage and make B2B products soon. Are you a B2B company looking for a customized solution for B2B data urgently? Contact Us

A: For each of our product, the pricing works a bit differently.

- Hot Lead 360: $3 is charged for each candidate DB and insight. You can freely set your monthly budget and the number of sales candidate leads will be provided accordingly. (Eg. $3,000 --> 1,000 leads per month)

At times, there may be special promotion where the discounts may apply.

- HyperTarget Marketing: To be decided

- MyPoint KYC: To be decided

A: MyPOINT is a monthly subscription based service, but you can change your plans anytime (eg. adjust your monthly budget spend, upgrade to use more than 1 product, downgrade from using 2 products to 1 product, etc)

The change that you request will be reflected in the following month.

Similarly, you can unsubscribe anytime. If you choose to unsubscribe, let our customer service know and your account will stop being charged from the following month.

A: Request for demo, and our customer support team will help you to create a demo account, so that you can try out and have a feel for what MyPOINT is like.

A dashboard will be provided and limited sample DB that is not relevant to your company will be provided to you.

You can try it out first and start to use the offical version anytime when you are ready.