Are You Approaching The Right Audience In Vietnamese Market?

Develop Your Personal Sales & Marketing AI Manager.
Identify, target and laser focus on the RIGHT leads with 360 degree insight.

Real Potential Leads
That's What Matters

MyPOINT is our innovative solution to help SMBs and Enterprises get notified about truly potential customers.

MyPOINT stands for My 'Person of Interest and Time'. We identify your prospects through Our SUPER BIG DATA consisting of insight on 70 million active users in Vietnam

MyPOINT is incomparable to any other solutions in the market. We Hyper Target the right potential customers and learn about them in depth through artificial intelligence.

70,000,000 Users

4,200,000,000 Insight

MyPOINT AI Manager monitors 70,000,000 reachable users from multi channels & tracks 4,200,000,000 user insight data.

Before, you were a blind marketer / sales person.

Now, you can know ‘Who You are Targeting’. Inside out, all the time.

You Don’t Need To Cold Call Anymore
Sell Smart With 360 Degree Intelligence

Let us give you an example:

Minh Anh Bui, 34 year old male in finance sector, very health-conscious, socially influential, high income professional residing in Ho Chi Minh, with many close friends in investment field with particularly growing interest in blockchain technology and fashion, who plays golf and baseball, loves wine, a fan of Mercedez, likes to travel, very philosophical and shows liberal tendency, loves Vietnamese food, and is recently preparing to get married to fashion designer. A week ago, Minh Anh Bui showed positive interest in the new Samsung Z Flip.

Depending on your sector, Minh Anh Bui may or may not be your ideal target.
But the game changer is clear.
Now you have “360 degree target customer intelligence”.

Here’s How We Uncover Your Potential Customers


Gather and Analyze Audience Big Data

MyPOINT works with 70M+ user data, allowing you to create target audience through combination of in-depth first-party and 3rd-party audience data.


Identify Likely On-demand Targets

The users are constantly monitored, enriching our database with most recent behavioral data; our AI engine determines the demand of each user for various products/services.


Reach Your HyperTargeted Users via Multi-channel

The Hot Targets/Leads are derived, enabling us to reach HyperTargeted users through multiple channels (Email, SMS, Telesales, FB, Zalo, etc)


Your AI Manager Gets Smarter

The performance of your marketing and sales efforts are analyzed; your AI manager will never stop learning to know better about your potential targets and help you to give better targets over time

MyPOINT Architecture

MyPOINT Architecture put together by our Big Data. AI software engineers and marketing specialists

leads monitoring
Leads Monitoring
Sentiment Analysts
Consumer Behavior Learning
Demand Detection
Leads Confirmation
Potential Leads
Potential Leads
On-the-fly Groups Management
On-the-fly Groups Management
Social engagement
Frequency Clustering
Realtime Add/Remove Entries
Data collector
Data collector

Benefits Of MyPOINT In A Nutshell

You will no longer perform sales and marketing like a blind man New Customer Acquisition

Our Partners

Representative partners revolutionizing their sales and marketing practices through MyPOINT
Are you a local company in Vietnam?
Or perhaps an international company keen on landing / expanding in Vietnam?
We’ve got your back!
Interested Candidates
Next-step Committed Candidates

Case Study


Emcas, a prominent hospital in Vietnam specialized in plastic surgery, aimed to increase its efficiency in identifying potential clients in HCM as traditional online marketing costed too much while achieving low conversion performance.

Our Solution

Working together with Emcas, we acquired the domain knowledge and decided to pilot test with MyPOINT for 2 months. Among the 184,000 targets in MyPOINT database, MyPOINT AI detected the demand and filtered 1,475 candidates for Emcas. Emcas client executive gave them a buzz, resulting in 50.8% hit rate. 748 candidates were interested in plastic surgery and 132 visited Emcas for consultation.

Monthly Subscription

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Hot Lead 360 (Sales)
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Provide Customer profile & Real-time insight
Optimized Candidate searching
CRM function for Sales
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HyperTarget Marketing
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Provide Marketing leads
Provide Candidate profile & Real-time insight
Optimized Candidate searching
Provide Encrypted Candidate Contact information
Provide Business Analysis and Statistics Report
KYC Service
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Build knowledge about your existing customers
Customer monitoring and updating
Provide Customer profile & Real-time insight
Customization for enterprise clients is also possible
Our service implemented subscription based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. Our system will learn about your business and improve the performance over time. From Day 1, you will be building a dedicated AI to grow together with your business.
You will be provided with an easy-to-use dashboard, but if you are interested in building a customized version to be used solely for your company, please inquire us about Enterprise Solution.

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So, how does this all apply to your business?

Curious what MyPOINT can do for you

We understand MyPOINT might feel confusing.

All novel innovations are like that in the beginning.

Focus On What Counts, Pinpoint & Cultivate Real Potential Customers

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Who cares about irrelevant audience who don’t add value to your business?

Focus in what really matters.

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